Monster Monster
PERFORMER Warrick Brownlow-Pike
DEBUT 2014

Monster Monster is the central figure of Monster Monster Day, and the friendliest monsteriest monster of all, as explained in The Furchester Hotel episode "Monster Monster Day".

Monster Monster every year pays a visit to one hotel, the friendliest hotel in town, and his presence is signified by the nose on the Monster Monster statue lighting up. When he arrives at a hotel he lands on the roof, and rides the lift down to sing the Monster Monster Day song with everyone.

One guest's luggage gets stuck in the lift, impeding a possible arrival from Monster Monster, and has to be dislodged by Ms. Soap. Once the lift is free, the nose on the statue lights up, but Monster Monster is a no show. This disappoints Elmo, and Harvey P. Dull feels bad and dons a fake Monster Monster guise to cheer him up, he's quickly followed by the real Monster Monster, who simply had trouble parking. With Monster Monster having arrived, all the guests join in singing the Monster Monster Day song.