Monty is an American comic strip created, written and illustrated by Jim Meddick. It began as Robotman in 1985 as an attempt by United Feature Syndicate to create a cross-market appealing character for toys, videos and other merchandise. When Bill Watterson of Calvin and Hobbes turned down their idea, Jim Meddick was tasked with creating the strip, which eventually evolved into Monty in 2001 when Robotman return to live in Outer Space.

The strip has spoofed many of pop culture's current hot topics, including a two week storyline spoof of Lost, where the island's inhabitants turn out to be from Gilligan's Island, and a three week spoof of The Lord of the Rings.

The week of February 21, 2011 a story arc ran where Monty's cat Fleshy finds an Elmo puppet in the neighbor's garbage.

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