PERFORMER Stephanie D'Abruzzo
DEBUT 2014

Moo-dusa is the villain of the "Cookie's Crumby Pictures" film, Nosh of the Titans.

As Fursius and Pegafish make their way to the Mount Olympus Diner, they're stopped by Moo-dusa and her hair of snakes. She challenges Fursius in a guessing game that will allow him to pass if he wins. She hides some snack cakes under a tray and he must find which one has the cakes (similar to a shell game). However, Fursius is frozen in his tracks by making eye contact with her, allowing her to change the position of the dishes. Fursuis is finally able to focus and win, and Moo-dusa ends up freezing herself upon seeing her reflection in the dish lid.

She is a play on the Greek mythology character Medusa. Unlike her counterpart, the effects of her freezing are only temporary.

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