Toby Williams (left) and Moppet (right) in the second volume of the Return to Labyrinth series.

Moppet is a human character featured in the Return to Labyrinth manga series.

Moppet has lived inside the Labyrinth for as long as she can remember and is Mayor Panjan Spittledrum's personal servant. As a human, she felt insecure about looking different from the goblins, and disguised herself as a goblin. She hides her human features with a poorly-made goblin mask and a wig. She quickly becomes an ally, friend and possible love interest to Toby. As revealed in Volume 2, she greatly resembles Sarah underneath her mask, except younger and blonde. In Volume 3, it's revealed that Moppet was created by Mizumi as an ablation, a being created from splitting off certain aspects from a person, in this case, Sarah's dreams. At the end of the volume she eats a peach given by Jareth to Mayor Spittledrum for her and so falls into a dream trap.

In Volume 4, Moppet works her way out of the dream trap and regains her memories, including those from before she was split off from Sarah. She was created as part of a deal between Mizumi and Jareth. Jareth was unable to make Moppet love him, and so eventually wiped her memory and left her in the trashlands outside the Goblin City, where one of Agnes goblins found her and sold her to Mayor Spittledrum. Her name is a nickname that Sarah's mother used to call her.

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