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file:Happy surprise 1.jpg|Moppy's introduction in ''Happy Surprise!''
file:Happy surprise 1.jpg|Moppy's introduction in ''Happy Surprise!''
4-21 lucky spot.jpg|Moppy's Lucky Spot!
4-21 lucky spot.jpg|Moppy's Lucky Spot!
[[File:MoppyBirth.jpg|thumb|Birth of Moppy]]
file:MoppyBirth.jpg|Birth of Moppy

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4-20 face it hes cute

Moppy at Universal Studios Japan.

Moppy is a Sesame Street walk-around character created exclusively for Universal Studios Japan. Moppy was introduced in March 2011 as part of USJ's 10th anniversary celebration. Moppy debuted in the park's 10th anniversary stage show, Happy Surprise!

In October 2011, USJ remodeled the Hollywood area's Brown Derby hat store, reopening it as Moppy's Lucky Spot! The store sells only Moppy merchandise, and guests can learn their lucky score for the day in Moppy's Lucky Mirror.

Starting in summer 2012, Moppy and Elmo have been performing a live show, Elmo & Moppy's Dance Dance Evolution, in the park's San Francisco area. Moppy also appears in the show Magical Music Box.

The costume is actually designed small enough that Universal Studios hires actors 4 foot tall. As such, performers have included Australian actor and dwarf and little people entertainment agent Jeremy Hallam.[1][2]


  1. Hallam performing in Dance Dance Evolution as Moppy
  2. Dwarfsome Entertainment, Hallam's company

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