Songs from Bear in the Big Blue House
Released January 29, 2002
Format CD
Label Walt Disney Records
Cat no. 60739-7

Track listing

  1. Welcome Song - (instrumental)
    Bill Obrecht
  2. What's in the Mail Today? - Bear
    Dave Kinnoin and Peter Lurye
  3. Making Sense of the World
    Peter Lurye
  4. The Grandma Mambo
    Peter Lurye
  5. Remember When
    Brian Woodbury
  6. The Otter Dancing School - Pip and Pop, with Bear
    Peter Lurye
  7. Shadow's Lullaby - Shadow
    Tyler Bunch, Peter Lurye
  8. When I'm Older - Tutter and Bear
    Dave Kinnoin
  9. Everybody in the Tub
    Brian Woodbury
  10. Rhythm in the Air
    Mitchell Kriegman and Peter Lurye
  11. Why Can't the Dirt Just Leave Me Alone? - Tutter and Bear
    Peter Lurye
  12. Imagine That - Cast
    Brian Woodbury
  13. Smellorama - Bear
    Peter Lurye
  14. When I Find the Great Lost Cheese - Tutter, with Cast
    Peter Lurye
  15. Under Your Blanket - Bear
    Brian Woodbury
  16. Love Is Incredible - Bear
    David Yazbek
  17. Your Grandma and Grandpa - Otto and Etta Otter
    Peter Lurye
  18. What Kind of Mouse Am I? - Tutter, with Bear
    Brian Woodbury and Peter Lurye
  19. Picture This - Bear
    Steve Charney
  20. Hello Doctor - Bear, Doc Hogg, Lois
    Brian Woodbury
  21. Worth the Wait
    Brian Woodbury
  22. Friends Forever - Tutter and Ojo with Cast
    Peter Lurye
  23. Surprise!
    Brian Woodbury
  24. What's Mine Is Yours
    Brian Woodbury and Peter Lurye
  25. The Toileteers - Cast
    Peter Lurye
  26. Next Stop Dreamland - Bear
    Mitchell Kriegman

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