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Mork makes like a frog to enact a cliche

Mork & Mindy was a sitcom about Mork (Robin Williams), an alien from the planet Ork, who lived with his friend Mindy (Pam Dawber) in Boulder, Colorado. The series ran on ABC from 1978 to 1982 and was responsible for making Williams a major star. The show was a spin-off of the fifth-season Happy Days episode "My Favorite Orkan," which was a showcase for guest star Williams but presented the character Mork as part of Richie Cunningham's dream.

Muppet Mentions

  • In the series' second episode "Mork Moves In" (9/21/78), when Mork and Mindy tell her father about Mork's origins, her father doesn't believe them. He says, "Everybody knows that space creatures are always green!" Mork then makes his face green. After a few seconds, he returns his face to normal. He comments, "It's not easy being green!"
  • Mork and Mindy watch a woman audition at a night club with a strip teasing teddy bear in the second season episode "Dial 'N' for Nelson." The club manager stops her and asks, "What kind of an audience do you think we've got out there, the Muppets?"



  • Barbara Billingsley played homicidal cell-mate Mrs. Louise Bailey in the fourth season episode "Cheerleader in Chains"
  • Corey Feldman played Billy in the season three episodes "Mork the Prankster" and "Gunfight at the Mor-Kay Corral"
  • Garry Marshall created the series, and wrote and directed multiple episodes
  • Paul Reubens played Dickie Nimitz in the fourth season episode "Long Before We Met"
  • William Shatner appeared as himself in the fourth season episode "Mork, Mindy and Mearth Meet MILT"
  • Raquel Welch played Captain Nirvana in the season two episode "Mork vs. the Necrotons"
  • Robin Williams played Mork
  • Jonathan Winters played Dave McConnell in the third season episode "Mork and the Family Reunion" and Mearth in the final season (1981-1982)