DEBUT 1973

Morty Moot Mope appeared on Sesame Street. He is the main character in a poem recited by Roosevelt Franklin during one of his elementary school classes.

Morty is the ruler of a kingdom called Bopetty Bope, and he loves nothing better than to rhyme. But he can't seem to come up with a rhyme for his own complex name. So he recruits Same Sound Brown to help him out. Brown has trouble figuring out a rhyme and tells the king "there's very little hope." Displeased with this, the king says that if he fails, he'll put him in jail "and spank you, too." Same Sound Brown defiantly tells Morty that he's too fast for him and that he couldn't catch him even if he had a forty-foot rope. The king realizes right then and there that the rhyme he's been searching for has been found, and he offers Brown a knighthood. Brown, seeing as how the king had threatened him earlier, declines the offer, then leaves to do his rhyming on his own time.