PERFORMER Lindani Obed Nkosi
DEBUT 2000
DESIGN Ed Christie designer
  Goran Sparrman builder

Moshe is a giant yellow meerkat from Takalani Sesame, South Africa's Sesame Street co-production. He was designed by Ed Christie and built by Goran Sparrman and his team.

Moshe speaks Zulu and English. He has a baby worm named Kupukeji, also designed by Ed Christie.

Sesame Workshop description

Moshe is four years old, intelligent, naïve, innocent, and gentle. He is also an incurable optimist who sees the bright side of anything. He cares very much for his neighbours and friends. Moshe openly expresses his love and concern, especially when his verbal powers fail him. In spite of his size, Moshe is graceful on his feet and loves to dance. He cares a great deal for the environment and is constantly finding homes for lost plants, even weeds, and is very careful about where and how he walks. Moshe is a vegetarian.

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