PERFORMER Camille Bonora
DEBUT 1993

Mother Chicken is a nursery rhyme writer who appears in episode 3147 of Sesame Street.

She is a former employer of Ruthie, who worked as her assistant in her office. She faces stiff competition from Mother Goose, whose rhymes are much more successful than her own (such as "Baa Baa Black Squid," "Petey Had a Little Pig" and "Little Boy Black and White").

One day, her office is rampaged by clients (a pig, penguin, elephant, hot dog and bun) looking for new nursery rhymes to be in. At Ruthie's suggestion, they all cooperate and share a rhyme together. Mother Chicken borrows an idea from her nemesis and uses the template of "Hey Diddle Diddle" for their new rhyme. With Ruthie's help, they're able to form a cohesive (though silly) nursery rhyme for them all.