Moya is the ship and main setting of Farscape. She is a Leviathan, a race of living, intelligent ships. Navigation is provided by a Pilot, a creature who is directly connected to the Leviathan's nervous system. Pilot also speaks for the Leviathan, allowing her to communicate with the crew. Maintenance is performed by a bevy of DRDs, small wheeled robots with manipulator and tool arms. Leviathans have no defenses except the ability to starburst, a semi-random jump from one point in space to another.

At the beginning of the show, Moya is a slave of the Peacekeepers, being used as a prison ship. Three of the prisoners aboard her, Zhaan, D'Argo, and Rygel, plot a mutiny. During the mutiny, two others, John Crichton and Aeryn Sun, are brought on board. These together become Moya's new crew.

During the show, Moya becomes pregnant as part of a Peacekeeper breeding experiment. The child, Talyn, has been genetically modified to be a warship.

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