Mr. Bear is a friendly, middle-aged bear who wears sweater vests and ties, even at home. He lives with his wife and his two sons, Fozzie and Freddie. He appears in several Muppet Kids books.

Mr. Bear teaches Fozzie cooperation in The Wonderful Wagon by telling him a parable about carpenters who fight a giant.

In Fozzie Bear, Star Helper, Fozzie asks, "What happens if I try really hard to be responsible, and I still forget?" Mr. Bear answers, "I guess you'll just have to work even harder at it."

On the other hand, when Fozzie has an important swim team tryout in Fozzie's Last Lap, Mr. Bear doesn't even show up.


Outside of the Muppet Kids book series, very little is known of Fozzie's dad. He's nowhere to be seen during any of Emily Bear's appearances, and appears not to reside at Grizzly Farm as of A Muppet Family Christmas. While giving a tour of the Up Late with Miss Piggy set to Good Morning America on September 21, 2015, Fozzie mentions that he will soon be introducing hid girlfriend Becky to his parents (as soon as they get out of hibernating). It's not clear what he means (as the statement could be interpreted as his mother and step-father, that he intends to introduce her to his father's grave, or that he'll introduce her to them separately) leaving the whereabouts of his paternal parentage at this stage in Fozzie's life unknown.

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