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PERFORMER Jerry Nelson
DEBUT 1975
PATTERN Large Lavender Live Hand

Mr. Chatterly was the genial host of Alphabet Chat on Sesame Street. He appeared as early as Season 6, usually holding a pipe, and then returned in Season 24, sans pipe.

Usually even-tempered, Mr. Chatterly's intellectual discussions of letters are often interrupted by animals, people or production staff wandering onto the set. This infuriates Chatterly, who wonders why he can't have a sensible show.

In Episode 3256, he comes to Sesame Street to arrange an Alphabet Chat on the letter P. In the episode, he reveals his name to be A. B. Chatterly. (Previously, in the first "Alphabet Chat" about the letter L, in keeping with the theme, Chatterly's TV director refers to him as "Lyle.")

His name is a reference to the D.H. Lawrence novel Lady Chatterly's Lover.

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