PERFORMER Nigel Plaskitt

Mr. Easy Peasy appeared in the Mopatop's Shop episode "Easy Peasy". There's nothing that's too hard for him to do, and that annoys him. He would like to try something difficult, so of course he goes into Mopatop's Shop in search of that. He helps Mopatop, Puppyduck, and Moosey Mouse with a few things they can't figure out how to do themselves. When he is about to leave the shop, after concluding that there is nothing too difficult for him in the shop, he hears the fish whistle. He tries to whistle and discovers he can't do it, even though everyone else the shop can. Mr. Easy Peasy declines to take the fish home, since that would be too easy, and he would rather practice forever and not get it right.

The puppet has also been used as Mr. Holiday, Pokey, and in several Puppet Up! shows.