DEBUT 1982

Mr. Honker is the green Honker with blue hair and a yellow-orange nose on Sesame Street. He is referred to as the ambiguously named "Mr. Honker" by Guy Smiley in a "Name That Sound" sketch (his earliest known, named appearance).

He appeared in a skit with Billy Dee Williams where they counted backwards from ten, as well as a skit where The Count counted the honks he made. He also served as the horn for Oscar's car in the feature film Follow That Bird.

Among the Honker's various performers were Kathryn Mullen, who puppeteered him in "The Honker-Duckie-Dinger Jamboree," and Tim Gosley in Follow That Bird.


  • Jim Henson: The Works features a screenshot of this Honker with Placido Flamingo on page 63, where he is identified as "Homer". As this is the only source for the name, and given the similarity of "Homer" to "Honker", this may be a typo in a book filled with other small errors.
  • The green Honker puppet has sometimes been fitted with red hair, as in "Elmo's World: Noses".



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