PERFORMER David Greenaway face
  Leif Tilden body
  Michael McKean voice
DEBUT 1993
PATTERN Turtlepuss

Mr. Myman is the president of the Myman Pan Company in the third season Dinosaurs episode "Out of the Frying Pan." Summoned by Fran Sinclair when the firm's pans repeatedly break over Earl's head, Myman staunchly defends his product: they may rust, they may crack and they may even shed pieces of lead into food, but do not break under normal use.

Though bludgeoning one's father does not constitute normal use, Myman is faced with either offering a refund or developing a better pan. The resulting product is the P-2000 and when Baby Sinclair declares that "this pan is pretty good," the pan purveyor has found his new commercial spokesman. Myman further pressures both Fran and Baby, causing Fran to finally reject his offers.

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