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DEBUT 1998

Mr. Noodle in season 47.

Mr. Noodle appears in the "Elmo's World" segment of Sesame Street. A silent character, Mr. Noodle resides in a realm of his own inside Elmo's World, accessible from behind Shade. Elmo frequently asks Mr. Noodle to demonstrate how to perform a chore or answer a question. He responds through pantomime, but invariably gets the process wrong, or fails to follow Elmo's instructions. Through trial and error and repeated prompting, Mr. Noodle usually manages to figure it out.

Introduced along with Elmo's World in Season 30, Mr. Noodle was replaced by Mr. Noodle's brother, Mr. Noodle for Season 31. Subsequently, the two Noodles either alternated or sometimes appeared jointly, as in the episodes "Families" and "Games." Mr. Noodle's sister, Ms. Noodle has also been seen with him in a few episodes and specials.

With the return of Elmo's World in Season 47, Mr. Noodle (with Bill Irwin reprising the role) has continued to make appearances; alternating with various other Noodle siblings, and occasionally appearing with the family poodle, Schmoodle.

Mr. Noodle made an appearance outside of Elmo's World in the special Sesame Street's 50th Anniversary Celebration, appearing on the street with the human cast during the musical number "Welcome!" (where he supplies the final trumpet note).


Balls, Shoes, Hats, Dancing, Jackets, Food, Books, Music, Water, Transportation, Bananas, Drawing, Sky, Weather, Getting Dressed, Mail, Open and Close, Feet, The Street We Live On, Bath Time, Bells, Up and Down, Dinosaurs, School, Cats, Skin, Jumping, Cameras, Penguins, Doctors, Horses, Fast and Slow, The Beach, Mouths, Violins, Noses, Drums, Eyes, Frogs
  • Elmo's Wonderful World (2017-present)
Dress Up, Dancing (2017), Bees, Painting, Instruments, Books (2017), Cooking, Celebrations, Crafts, Grandparents, Bubbles, Karate, Building Things, Balls, Emotions, Maps, Measuring, Blocks, Machines, Food, Rocks

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