PERFORMER Norberto Kerner
DEBUT 1978

Geraldo Ortiz was a temporary helper at Hooper's Store on Sesame Street. Introduced in 1978 for two Season 9 episodes, he made a few more appearances through season 14.

A Spanish-speaking, middle-aged man, Mr. Ortiz was sent by an employment agency to fill in for David at Hooper's Store in Episode 1098. Although his English was not that great, he and Mr. Hooper bond and find ways to teach each other their respective languages. It was stated that he also owned his own shop like Mr. Hooper's.

Later that season, in Episode 1155, Mr. Ortiz loses his house in a fire. He looks up his friend Mr. Hooper, who lets him stay at his apartment. The two men sample each other's food styles and further their communication with more English/Spanish lessons. When he departs, a grateful Mr. Ortiz gives Mr. Hooper a new apron as a thank you gift, which Mr. Hooper proudly wears. The following season in Episode 1258, he has since been situated in a new apartment and the Sesame Street locals help him paint it.

In Episode 1497, his sister Angelita comes to visit. Mr. Ortiz was last seen in Episode 1783, taking over the store for the day.

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