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Gonzo and Potato on Muppet Babies

Mr. Potato Head is a toy involving adding plastic features or limbs to a potato body. The earliest commercial version by Hasbro in 1952 was actually a kit, with accessories to be added to an actual potato (or other vegetable), with the plastic potato added later. Mrs. Potato Head was introduced while still in the kit phrase, in 1953, with other family and friends who mostly faded.

1985 added a Mr. Potato Head Family set (Mr., Mrs. and Baby Potato Head) and the Playskool line of Potato Head Kids (leading to an animated segment on My Little Pony and Friends from Marvel Productions). While periodic records or talking games and toys surfaced, Mr. Potato Head's most substantial media showcase was as a cantankerous supporting character in the Toy Story franchise, voiced by Don Rickles. A one season Fox Kids TV series The Mr. Potato Head Show aired from 1998 to 1999.

Later versions of the toys often tied into and parodied pop culture figures (such as the Star Wars "Darth Tater"). While a new Potato Head Family set was released in 2021 (without limitations to gender roles or family composition), the established Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head toys continue to be sold.


  • The Poptaters line of pop culture variants of Mr. Potato Head added Bert and Ernie in 2023.



  • Brad Abrell was an assistant puppeteer on The Mr. Potato Head Show
  • Greg Ballora played Baloney on The Mr. Potato Head Show
  • Julianne Buescher played Potato Bug on The Mr. Potato Head Show
  • Kevin Carlson played Mr. Potato Head on The Mr. Potato Head Show
  • Donna Kimball was an assistant puppeteer on The Mr. Potato Head Show
  • Alison Mork was an assistant puppeteer on The Mr. Potato Head Show
  • James Murray played Dr. Fruitcake, Johnny Rotten Apple, Canny, and others on The Mr. Potato Head Show
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