PERFORMER Jerry Nelson
DEBUT 1992
PATTERN Large Lavender Live Hand

Mr. Percival Quincy is a persnickety and overly precise man who appears in episode 3017 of Sesame Street. According to him, his friends call him "Mr." Quincy.

He visits the street to have his toaster fixed at the Fix-It Shop. To Maria and Big Bird's confusion, he possesses a brand-new looking toaster, which he claims is a 10-second toaster, but his toast is ready in 9 seconds instead.

Mr. Quincy later goes to Hooper's Store for his regular 12 noon lunch and orders the foot long hot dog. He produces a ruler to make sure the wiener is an actual foot long. When he's finally served one of an accurate length, he moans that the bun isn't the same length as the wiener.