Sheldon and Shelly
PERFORMER Neil Sterenberg
  Julie Westwood
DEBUT 2014
PATTERN Light Green

Mr. Sheldon and Mrs. Shelly are a pair of tortoise guests who visit The Furchester Hotel in the episode "Furchester on Wheels."

When they check in, their room isn't ready (as Furgus can't move their bed from the lobby) and they will have to wait, as head go to the dining area for a lettuce special, Funella overhears them call the hotel's service "slow, slow, slow" and takes it upon herself to figure a way to speed their service up. This results in them donning roller skates, an idea she gets from Elmo practicing skating earlier.

With service moving faster the tortoises get frustrated and threaten to leave early confusing Funella, and they explain to her that their earlier comments were meant to be positive as tortoises prefer things being slow.