Mr. Snuffleupagus Impersonators

Picture Impersonator Notes
0393 Big Bird as Snuffy.jpg
Big Bird Episode 0393

In an attempt to scare the hiccups out of Grover, Big Bird dresses up as the Snuffleupagus.

Grundgetta and Oscar Episode 2042

Grundgetta wears a Snuffleupagus mask made from garbage to manipulate Gordon into thinking the Snufflepagus has arrived, but in return is asked for a hug, scaring the two Grouches off.

Sally Field Episode 2921

Sally does a Snuffy voice and announces the sponsors, Telly suggests she consider an acting career when she grows up.

Spike Lee The Summer of Snuffy

Snuffy can't evoke the emotions Spike Lee is looking for, so Spike takes on the role.

Elmo The Street We Live On

Elmo wears a snuffle after receiving an email from Big Bird and Snuffy.

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