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The evolution of Mr. Snuffleupagus.

Image As seen in / Year Notes
Sesame Street
Episode 0276
The first Snuffleupagus puppet has yellow irised eyes with green sclera and tan eyelashes all the way around. His eyes are much farther apart than the familiar Snuffy of today, and his pupils are much smaller. His body doesn't have as much padding, so in some shots he looks compressed and sunken in. Snuffy can also squirt water from his snuffle at this point.
0276 Snuffy.jpg
Sesame Street
Season 3
Starting with episode 0298, the original Snuffy puppet is modified giving him a slightly less awkward appearance. He has an improved eye focus and his top eyelashes are replaced with thick black fur. He also has a much sturdier physique. Long strands of orange fur are added to the sides of his mouth. The puppet also has a unique mechanism that allows him to blink with his lower eyelids.

Sesame Street
Snuffy is completely redesigned, appearing, and behaving, much friendlier than before. His eyes are closer together and recolored white, with larger pupils that can move from side to side. He has tan, ridged upper eyelids with long, black eyelashes. His body becomes wider and covered with small patches of orange fur that vary in quantity over time. Otherwise, this design remains very much constant for the next three decades.
Sesame Street
Snuffy is completely covered in orange fur and has fuller eyelashes. A space of short, brown fur remains around his eyes.