The evolution of Mr. Snuffleupagus.

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Sesame Street
Episode 0276
The first Snuffleupagus puppet has yellow eyes with tan eyelashes all the way around. His eyes are much farther apart than the familiar Snuffy of today, and his pupils are much smaller. His body doesn't have as much padding, so in some shots he looks skinny and sunken in. Snuffy can also squirt water from his snuffle at this point.
Sesame Street
Season 3
Sometime after his first appearance, the original Snuffy puppet is modified giving him a slightly less awkward appearance. He has lighter eyes, an improved eye focus, and his top eyelashes are replaced with thick black fur. He also has a much sturdier physique.

Sesame Street
Snuffy is finally redesigned, appearing, and behaving, much friendlier than before. He now has a wider body and white eyes that are closer towards each other. He also gains black eyelashes, mobile eyelids, and larger pupils that can move from side to side. This design remains very much constant for the next three decades, with some minor adjustments made over time. By 1995, Snuffy starts becoming covered in longer strands of bright red-orange fur.
Sesame Street
Snuffy's fur is shaggier and has a dark orange hue. He also has fuller eyelashes. A space of short, brown fur remains around his eyes.
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