Written by James Roger McGuinn
Date 1966
Source The Byrds "Fifth Dimension" album
Publisher Dimensional Songs of the Knoll and Sixteen Stars Music

"Mr. Spaceman," a song about a close encounter with friendly aliens, is performed by Gonzo, Rizzo and Jimmy Buffet on the Kermit Unpigged album.

The number starts with Rizzo mistaking Jimmy Buffet's name for a buffet offering food, but Gonzo corrects him. While Gonzo and Jimmy Buffet sing the song, Rizzo goes off to investigate a door marked "Meatloaf". Before the last chorus of the song, Rizzo returns and says there's a spaceship outside, to which Jimmy says "Oh yeah, I knew they'd come back for me." A weirded out Rizzo prevents Gonzo from going on the spaceship with Jimmy by pointing out that he has to finish the album, and tells Jimmy "See you in the tabloids." The number ends with the same joke that began it; Gonzo asks if there's any of that Meatloaf left, and Rizzo says there was just some big guy in there who must have eaten it all.