PERFORMER Colin Purves
DEBUT 2014

Mr. Squigglebottom is a caterpillar guest who visits The Furchester Hotel in the episode "The Caterpillar Catastrophe."

He checks into the twig room, and his voracious appetite leads to him ordering plate after plate of leaves, to Cookie Monster's confusion. Elmo wonders where he'll sleep, and he tells him he plans on forming a chrysalis, which Elmo believes to be a type of sleeping bag. The monsters leave him to it, and in the morning he's metamorphosed into a Butterfly.

He takes his new wings out for a spin and flies out of his room, making him unavailable for a call when his friend Ms. Scuttles visits. The monsters begins a search thinking they've lost a guest, they put the clues together along with Elmo providing the new information about his chrysalis, and Phoebe determines he's become a butterfly, and just then he meets them in the lobby and convinces Ms. Scuttles to stay in the twig room.