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Mrs. Appleby
PERFORMER Kathryn Mullen
DEBUT 1979
DESIGN Michael Frith designer
  Nomi Frederick builder

Mrs. Appleby is the only female frog to appear on The Muppet Show.

She debuted in episode 406 without a name, smooching Statler and Waldorf in keeping with the preceding number "Frog Kissin'." In episode 509, Mrs. Appleby led a troop of Frog Scouts that counted among its members Kermit's nephew Robin and Gawain on a visit to The Muppet Theatre.

Upon meeting guest star Debbie Harry, Mrs. Appleby dubbed herself the "Safety Pin Queen" and joined the "Muppet Punk" jam session.

Mrs. Appleby continued to appear as a bit or background character on The Muppet Show and in other projects, whenever an elderly lady frog was called for.