PERFORMER Fran Brill 2006-2015
  Stephanie D'Abruzzo 2016-present
DEBUT 2006

Live-handed variant from episode 4141.

Mrs. Crustworthy is an elderly woman who has made recurring appearances on Sesame Street since season 37.

She made her debut in Episode 4116 as a Hooper's Store customer. She has since appeared at least once a season, earning her name in Episode 4141.

In the latter, she takes her toaster to the Fix-It Shop for repair, for the Toast Lovers' Society's luncheon. She desperately needs it fixed, "or I'm toast!" When it takes a while to be repaired, she partakes in "The Toast Lovers' Participatory Popping Game", which is pretending you're a piece of toast in a toaster. The waiting pays off and the toaster is ready.

The character is mentioned on Fran Brill's Puppeteering Resume. In fact, the character is based on an old woman who Fran knew as a child.[1]



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