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Mrs. Sharp (Anne Revere).jpg
DEBUT 1977

Mrs. Sharp is an older woman who worked in Hooper's Store on Sesame Street in Episode 0965.

She's employed by a temp agency who dispatched her upon a request by Mr. Hooper on a day when David called out sick and he found himself particularly busy in the store.

She introduces Mr. Hooper to a take-a-number machine and tends after the store while Mr. Hooper studies in the arbor. Throughout the day, she meets a few fanciful characters in the likes of Big Bird and The Count, but her most curious near-encounter was with Mr. Snuffleupagus who eats an enormous bowl of spaghetti she prepared. She doesn't see him, but she does take notice of some fur he left behind, and she could hear the musical theme that accompanies his walk.

In thanks for her help through the day, Mr. Hooper, Big Bird, Maria, and the kids treat her to a party and invite her to come back again someday.