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PERFORMER Julianne Buescher
DEBUT 1995

Ms. A. M. Goat is an irate goat who appears in a Sesame Street insert. (First: Episode 3354)

Following the animated "Zero Song" in which a goat is seen eating sneakers, A. M. Goat delivers a diatribe about the portrayal of goats in the segment. She insists dairy goats eat healthy foods to make milk and demonstrates by eating her corn and grass, all the while harshly avoiding a pair of sneakers. Another goat (Fran Brill) munches down on them instead, thankful she's not a dairy goat.

Her name is a play on "Anything Muppet goat," which describes the utility nature of the puppet. She was created in response to a negative reaction to the "Zero Song" segment by the Dairy Goats Association of America.[1]