The many faces of the Multimonstruo: Cuernos, a pirate and "un bebe"

The Multimonstruo is the Plaza Sésamo equivalent of the Sesame Street Monsters. Unlike the latter, however, there is actually only one monster puppet, a red orange creation who is recycled endlessly in different guises, most of which do not have names (and those who do have inconsistent designs). Multimonstruo can be turned into anything from a pirate to a baby, as needed.

Multimonstruo's identities include:

  • Cuernos: a monster with long silver horns, orange nose, and many teeth. He has a big appetite, much like Cookie Monster.
  • Carlo de Villamelone: Verduberto's monster assistant on the famed chef's cooking show, though he often finds himself in mischief, eating the ingredients (or messing them up). Like Mel, he mainly speaks in monster gibberish (frequently using the word "groovy").
  • a tourist (that speaks only in monster babbles)
  • a baby
  • a pirate
  • an auto racer
  • a photographer
  • a magician
  • a musician
  • an actor
  • an actress

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