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The Muppet 3-D Chess Set was produced by A La Carte in 1999, and later rereleased by Juniortoys.

The pieces are detailed PVC Muppets on red and yellow stands. The following characters are featured:

  • Kermit as king, with a crown and flipper scepter
  • Miss Piggy as queen, in red dress
  • Fozzie with hat and cane and Swedish Chef with frying pan as bishop pieces
  • Gonzo balancing on horse and Animal sitting backwards on horse as knight pieces (black or gray horses)
  • Statler throwing tomato and Waldorf holding binoculars in theater boxes as castle pieces
  • Rizzo running with pizza boxes as pawn pieces (red jacket or blue jacket)

There were two different sets. One set had a 'regular' board with a black edge and the Kermit Collection logo; the other set had a 'deluxe' board with gold decorations, featuring Kermit and Fozzie, around the edges.

The Kermit and Piggy pieces were also sold as keychains, however the Piggy wore a purple dress instead of a red one.

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