Muppet Babies was dubbed into German and broadcast over ZDF. The show debuted on September 20, 1987.

The same year, a series of audio cassettes were released, featuring unaltered episode soundtracks.

From 1987 to 1990, the majority of Muppet Babies comic books were translated and published in German language countries as Die Muppet Babies.


English Name German Name German Voice Actor
Baby Kermit Bernd Simon
Baby Piggy Linda Joy
Baby Gonzo Willi Röbke
Baby Fozzie Michael Habeck
Baby Rowlf Imo Heite
Baby Animal Baby Tier Eva Berthold
Baby Scooter Christa Häussler
Skeeter Inez Günther
Baby Beaker Eberhard Storeck
Baby Bunsen  ?
Nanny Dagmar Heller


  • German script: Eberhard Storeck, Rudolf Krause
  • Editing: Marianne Brink