Hasbro released a series of Muppet Babies plush as part of its "Hasbro Softies" line in 1985, and a second set in 1993.

1985 set

The characters were shown with slight variations from their usual appearances as noted below.

A commercial was produced with original animation and voiceover work. (YouTube)

Image Comments
Baby Animal and Baby Gonzo in their usual attire.
Baby Fozzie wears his usual yellow romper but white buttons have been added to it. The cap he normally wears is white and yellow with a white brim and a propeller; here his cap is solid yellow with the letter "F" on it.

Baby Kermit wears a striped t-shirt and blue shorts, rather than his typical sailor suit.
This version of Baby Kermit is dressed in his usual blue and white sailor suit.
This Baby Kermit was manufactured in 1984 as a promotion for Pampers diapers. He wears a pair of blue gingham footed pajamas.
Baby Piggy is wearing her usual frilly pink dress and gloves, but wears a bonnet on her head in place of her usual bow.
This Baby Piggy was manufactured in 1984 as a promotion for Pampers diapers. She wears a pink-rosebud printed footed pajamas and a bonnet, but does have her usual gloves.
Baby Rowlf is dressed in a pair of red suspenders with yellow buttons and a white shirt with a yellow collar and red musical note. He typically wore only a white bib with a red musical note and a diaper.

1993 set

Hasbro produced a set of four Muppet Babies dolls in 1993, including Baby Kermit, Baby Piggy, Baby Fozzie and Baby Gonzo.

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