Active January 28, 1998 - present
Type unofficial fansite
Creator Phillip Chapman

Created by Phillip Chapman in January 1998, Muppet Central is a fan site named after the control room from The Jim Henson Hour. The website provides fans with news releases, an active discussion forum, a collectibles guide, articles, The Muppet Show episode guides, and a Muppet-themed online radio station.

Muppet Central Radio is a live Internet radio station that broadcasts Muppet music 24-hours a day. The extensive song database includes more than 3,000 songs. The service is provided by Radionomy (formerly Live365 Radio). Songs are broadcast in accordance with the legal requirements of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, and with permission from The Muppets Studios, Jim Henson Company and Sesame Workshop. The radio station won a 2005 Live365 Award for "Best Guilty Pleasure" station.

On its message board, some people who have worked for The Jim Henson Company and Sesame Workshop are members and have posted messages at times. Henson employees who are members (or were members) include Jerry Juhl, Jerry Nelson, Karen Prell, Terry Angus, Steve Whitmire, Jim Lewis, Mike Quinn and Michael Earl. Other employees have also posted anonymously. In addition to these people, some people who have worked for various companies releasing Muppet merchandise have also been members, such as the people working for Palisades Toys and USAopoly. Some of the extra performers from the finale of The Muppet Movie are also members, and have started threads about their experience working on the movie.

The site has a team of contributing staff members; including Phillip Chapman (webmaster), James V. Carroll (multimedia design), D. W. McKim (episode guides), Greg James (news and reviews), Ken Plume (interviews), and Chris Smigliano (fan art). The Muppet Central forum is moderated by Annika Abel, Phillip Chapman, Cindy Chapman, Eduardo Castro-Chandri, and Kevin L. Williams.

In the Blu-ray audio commentary for The Muppets, James Bobin says, "The Muppets quiz team. How we'd be beaten by fans from Muppet Wiki and from Muppet Central."

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