Written by Derek Scott
Date 1979
Publisher ATV Music

A series of "Muppet Jazz Riffs" were performed by Zoot and Floyd (and one with Animal) in The Muppet Show episode 413. Written for the show, they appear in short sketches that take place on a street bench, each of which are punctuated with a music joke. All of these sketches appeared in Rock Music with the Muppets.

Sketch #1

Floyd and Zoot play their instruments on the bench as Slim Wilson walks by.
Slim: Hey, do you know how to get to Carnegie Hall?
Floyd: Practice, man, practice.
Floyd and Zoot laugh.
Zoot: The old ones are the best ones.

Sketch #2

Floyd is sleeping while Zoot is looking at something off-camera. A car crash is heard off-screen.
Floyd: (waking up) Hey, man, what was that?
Zoot: B-flat. (blows note on saxophone)
Floyd and Zoot laugh.

Sketch #3

Animal joins Floyd and Zoot by playing the drums next to the bench.
Old Lady: (sticking head out of window) Hey! Hey, you! Down there! Hey! Do you know there's a little old lady sleeping up here?
Zoot: No, but hum a few bars and we'll fake it.
Zoot and Floyd laugh.
Animal: (shouting it out as if it were a tune) There's a Little Old Lady, Sleeping Up Here!

Sketch #4

Floyd and Zoot play their instruments as a passer-by walks past them
Passer-by: Excuse me. Crosstown buses run all night?
Floyd and Zoot: Doo-dah, doo-dah!
They laugh.


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