Country (Language) Hungary
Released 2001
Script Translator/Editor Szilvia Liszkay
Voice Director Zsigmond Nikodém

Muppet Kincses Sziget is the Hungarian dub of Muppet Treasure Island, produced for HBO airings in 2001. Over the opening titles, while an announcer reads the names of Tim Curry and the Muppets (and their roles), the dubbing actors speak their names, in character voice (Kermit's dubber adding clicks, Long John Silver laughing in his trademark manner, etc.)

The songs remain in English.


English Name Hungarian Name Hungarian Voice Actor
Long John Silver Károly Gesztesi
Kermit the Frog/Captain Abraham Smollett Breki béka (Smollet kapitány) István Mikó
Miss Piggy/Benjamina Gunn Miss Röfi Józsa Hacser
Gonzo Gonzo Péter Balázs
Rizzo the Rat Rizzo Imre Józsa
Fozzie Bear/Squire Trelawney Topi/Trelawney lovag Gyula Szombathy
Jim Hawkins Tamás Stukovszky

Additional voices

  • Sándor Sörös, Péter Kálloy Molnár, János Papp, Péter R. Kárpáti
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