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Muppet magazine 1987 postcard to fans 1

(photo shoot)

Muppet Magazine is a full-color quarterly publication that ran from 1983 to 1989. It effectively replaced The Muppet Show Fan Club Newsletter as the Henson Company's official periodical directed at fans.

The first issue went to magazine racks in November of 1982[note 1] and coincided with a launch party with Jim Henson and Kermit the Frog in Manhattan attended by the press on November 4th. 500,000 copies of the premiere issue were distributed via news stand sales and subscriptions.[1]

Each issue featured celebrity guests who were interviewed and photographed especially for the magazine. Other features included regular columns ostensibly written by Muppet characters, parody photographs of the Muppets as then-current pop culture figures, and original comic stories. The latter ranged from tales of The Muppet Show characters to original Fraggle Rock and Muppet Babies comics.

Recurring columns[]

  • Editorial -- written by Kermit the Frog
  • The Muppet Mailbag -- hosted by Fozzie Bear
  • Floyd's Record Rap -- Floyd's column covers reviews of popular albums
  • Zoot's Salute -- Sidebar by Zoot featuring musicians
  • Coming Attractions -- movie, TV, and video reviews by Statler and Waldorf, later taken over by Janice
  • Rowlf on Books -- Rowlf's book reviews and recommendations
  • Ask Dr. Honeydew / A Muppet Lab Special Report -- musings from Muppet Labs written and illustrated by Fred Newman
  • Mondo Muppet -- "Spanning the Globe in Search of Whatever We Can Find" ... also features the recurring "Rarely Sighted Muppets" sidebar
  • We Interupt This Magazine -- a comic book style photo version of Muppet News Flash
  • Miss Piggy's Advice -- Miss Piggy's "Dear Abby"-esque advice column (as told to Louise Gikow)



Muppet Magazine launch party Manhattan 1982-11-04a

Launch party in Manhattan on November 4, 1982.

Sweetums Muppet Magazine

Sweetums in the mail room.

Muppet Magazine, starring Jim Henson's Muppets

Frog-In-Chief: Kermit the Frog
Publisher: Donald E. Welsh, Lorimar Publishing Group
V.P./Editorial Director: Katy Dobbs
Art Director: Gail Segerstrom
Editor: Jim Lewis
Associate Art Director: Rocco Alberico
Assistant Editor: Betsy Loredo
Contributing Editors: Marianne Meyer, Frederick R. Newman
V.P./Associate Publisher: Samuel O. J. Spivy
Advertising Director: Geoffrey C. Gropp
Advertising Manager: Myles Grossman
West Coast Advertising Manager: Bonnie Bates-Davidoff
Advertising Representatives: Lisa Hazen Davies, Rob Jiraneck, Storey Johnson
Production Manager: Bob Coddington
Promotion Director: Bart G. Boehlert
Circulation Director: Megan Lane
Circulation Assistant: Amy J. Eisenberg
Advertising Coordinator: Lyle P. Cogen
Accounting: Vinny Albanese, Karen Peycke, Evelyn Pons
Administrative Assistants: Diane Nesin, Nancy A. Helman, Debora Newberger

For Henson Associates:

Vice President of Publishing: Jane Leventhal
Senior Editor: Louise Gikow
Administrative Editor: Jennifer Rinkerman
Editorial Assistant: Bonnie Weir
Creative Consultant: Michael K. Frith
Muppet Photo Studio: Calista Hendrickson, Mary Strieff, Bruce Morozko, Lyndon Mosse, Karl Soderstrom, Barbara Davis, Danielle Obinger
Art Directors: Lauren Attinello, Jim Mahon, Mary Mastrimone
Associate Art Director: Lyndon Mosse
Chief Photographer: John E. Barrett
Photo Assistant: Christie Sherman


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  1. Statesman Journal, Salem, Oregon, November 06, 1982
  1. (magazine distribution schedules typically ran a few months ahead of their cover date)