Spring 1989

'Spring 1989 Issue


Magazine Wrapper informing subscribers of cancellation

Issue #26: Spring 1989 (Final Issue)

Cover: "Special Collector Poster Issue!" (Kermit as Kermit Greensteen, Miss Piggy as Moidonna, Fozzie Bear and Bears as The Fat Bears)

  • Kermit and Piggy in "Nerdy Dancing"
  • Kermit as "Crocodile Kermie"
  • Fozzie and Bears as "The Fat Bears"
  • Kermit in "He-Frog and the Muppets of the Universe"
  • Piggy as "Moidonna"
  • Kermit as "Kermit Greensteen"

Instead of receiving a Summer issue of Muppet Magazine, subscriptions were filled out with issues of ALF Magazine, and notification came only from a wrapper over the Summer issue of Alf Magazine.

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