Muppet Melodrama was a skit on The Muppet Show. The segments followed the same format: Uncle Deadly would kidnap Miss Piggy and place her in different perils so she would have no choice but to marry him. Wayne would then come in as the hero, but he and Uncle Deadly would end up becoming friends instead of enemies, leaving Miss Piggy to her fate.


The Muppet Show

Picture Episode / Description
304 melodrama 1
Episode 304: Gilda Radner

The dreaded Uncle Deadly has Miss Piggy perched in a perilous position upon a precipice! He means to hold her there until she agrees to marry him. But the heroic Wayne arrives to save the day! But will he be able to? No, for he recognizes Deadly as a famous flamenco dancer and requests a demonstration. Wayne joins in, and as they dance, he accidentally knocks Piggy off the cliff.

306 melodrama
Episode 306: Jean Stapleton

Kermit has Miss Piggy tied to the railroad tracks for the next sketch. Once again, Deadly wants to marry Miss Piggy, but Wayne enters (a surprised Piggy yells "Wayne?!"). Wayne is about to rescue Piggy when he recognizes the knot Uncle Deadly used as a double-over-hand knot, which he learned in the Junior Swamp Scouts (Troop 37). It turns out that Uncle Deadly was also in that troop, and they recite the motto. Wayne then changes one of the knots, making it impossible for Piggy to come loose from it. When the two leave, Piggy breaks loose from her ropes to give Kermit a piece of her mind.

The Muppet Show Comic Book

Picture Episode / Description
The Perils of Piggy
The Treasure of Peg-Leg Wilson Issue #3

In this skit (called "The Perils of Piggy"), Uncle Deadly wants Piggy's jewels while leaving her tied to a train track. A mountie (played by Wayne) hears her screams, and rides his horse to her as the train gets closer. However, his rescue attempts are foiled by Kismet the Toad, who rescues Miss Piggy, who in turn steals Wayne's horse.

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