Muppet Morsel from The Muppet Show Season 1.

Muppet Morsels is a series of pop-up trivia tracks featured on The Muppet Show: Season One DVD set. The feature showcases trivia and additional information on the characters and scenes as they happen. The trivia bits pop-up almost continually throughout the feature, one after another. The text is displayed through the use of the DVD subtitle track. The “morsels” are full of facts about the Muppet, the guest stars, the skits, the songs, and the episodes.

The trivia on the Season One DVD set was created and worked on by Michael Dixon (webmaster of, Craig Shemin, Jerry Juhl and Dave Goelz. The trivia is included on all 24 episodes. They were created on the basis of a new "morsel" pop-up about every 30 seconds (giving viewers around 50 trivia facts per episode).

The Muppet Morsels did not appear on the subsequent The Muppet Show: Season Two DVD release. At a 2007 live event, Craig Shemin said the feature was dropped due to a change in DVD producers from the first set to the second. He said that he personally would love to see the feature return on future Muppet DVDs.[1]


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