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Country (Language) West Germany
Released June 12, 1980
Running time 91 minutes (edited version)
Dubbing Studio/
Beta-Technik Gesellschaft für Filmbearbeitung mbH
Script Translator/Editor Eberhard Storeck
Voice Director Eberhard Storeck
Local Rating FSK 6 (ages 6 and up)
Rainbow connection 1

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Muppet Movie is the German language dub of The Muppet Movie. The film received theatrical release in West Germany on June 12, 1980 (356 days after the film's US-release date), while it was never released in East Germany. It features most of the same voices heard on Die Muppet Show, with Eberhard Storeck once again directing the dub and adapting the dialog.

Just as a 1987 home video release of this film in the United Kingdom lasted a few minutes longer than in America, this German version initially included the same extra scenes when it first aired on TV in the mid-1990s. The scenes included a slightly longer comedy club performance from Fozzie with a longer dance number with Kermit, a short opening and closing speech from Doc Hopper on his French Fried Frogs Legs commercial, a longer conversation between Doc Hopper and Max before they encountered Kermit and Fozzie in the rainbow-painted Studebaker, Dr. Teeth giving a more in-depth reading from the script, and an extra verse of "I Hope That Something Better Comes Along."

These extra scenes were later removed when the movie was released on VHS on September 22, 1994. All DVD and Blu-ray releases since, omitted the scenes as well.


English Name German Name German Voice Actor
Kermit the Frog Kermit der Frosch Horst Gentzen
Miss Piggy Marianne Wischmann
Fozzie Bear Fozzie Bär Bruno W. Pantel
Gonzo Werner Abrolat
Rowlf Michael Rüth
Scooter (speaking)

Christina Hoeltel
Eberhard Storeck
The Swedish Chef Der dänische Koch
Crazy Harry
Dr. Bunsen Honeydew Dr. Honigtau Bunsenbrenner Kurt Zips
Statler Manfred Lichtenfeld
Waldorf Walter Reichelt
Dr. Teeth Dr. Goldzahn Heini Göbel
Floyd Pepper Paul Lasner
Animal Das Tier Ingo Baerow
Janice Helen von Münchhofen
Camilla the Chicken Camilla das Huhn Inge Schulz
Sam the Eagle Sam der Adler Wolf Ackva
Lew Zealand Michael Habeck
Sweetums Herbert Weicker
El Sleezo Owner
Doc Hopper Michael Cramer
Professor Krassman Professor Kraftmann Gert Günther Hoffmann
Bernie the Agent Bernie der Agent Mogens von Gadow
Mad Man Mooney Der verrückte Mooney Eberhard Mondry
Terrace Waiter Hannes Gromball
Miss Tracy Edith Schneider
Lew Lord Donald Arthur
Beauty Pageant Chairman Fred Maire
Edgar Bergen Paul Bürks
Charlie McCarthy
Ice Cream Vendor Holger Hagen
Tough Guy in El Sleezo Wolfgang Hess
Balloon Vendor Manfred Erdmann
Fat Sailor
El Sleazo Waiter Erich Ebert
El Sleazo Piano Player Christoph Lindert
Snake Walker Eddie der schwarze Würger Manfred Schmidt
Marvin Suggs Panos Papadopulos
Big Bird Bibo (unnamed) Unknown (female voice artist)

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