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Ad for RaceMania and Muppet Monster Adventure appearing in GamePro #147, December 2000

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Muppet RaceMania is a video game for the Sony PlayStation developed by Traveller's Tales and released in October 2000. It was published by Midway Games in North America and by Sony Computer Entertainment Europe in Europe.

In it, players could control 25 different Muppet Characters on a total of 34 tracks. Muppet performers recorded new vocal tracks especially for the game.

Game Play[]

In the main game, players race on race tracks inspired by the major Muppet films released up to that point (The Muppet Movie, The Great Muppet Caper, The Muppets Take Manhattan, The Muppet Christmas Carol, Muppet Treasure Island and Muppets from Space).

There are four tracks based on each film, plus an additional ten hidden tracks which also utilise extra locations such as The Muppet Theatre and Fraggle Rock. Players collect fruit for additional power, and stars to gain weapons to attack other racers. Weapons include such classic Muppet icons as fish (for throwing), chickens, and penguins.

In addition to competitive racing tournaments, there is also an adventure mode requiring the collection of stars, fruits, movie clips or special objects, as well as racing or battling against other Muppet characters. Completing these challenges unlocks further bonuses such as reverse races and 'chicken chases'.


Each Muppet racer drives an individually designed vehicle and has a special move that temporarily disables other racers. When a special move is activated, that Muppet also gains access to the vehicles of the other competitors for subsequent races. The game starts with eight Muppets available:

Extra characters can be added by locating and then racing against them in adventure mode:

There are also six boss Muppets from battle races, who are not unlockable for use in individual races:

Pa Gorg, Ma Gorg, and Junior Gorg can be seen through some holes in the Fraggle Rock level.



The game has four kinds of courses.

  • Races: Six Muppets (selected at random) compete on loop tracks, vying for first place.
  • Battle: Six Muppets race around in a small space, picking up weapons and trying to damage each other's vehicles. After collecting all required items (over the course of playing four separate times) a boss character is unlocked for battle.
  • Stunt: One Muppet attempts to reach the end of a platform game-style course by navigating through obstacles.
  • End Levels: Unlocked after the end credits, similar to standard Races but seen from overhead rather than in 3D.


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