issue #1, cover A
(David Petersen)

Muppet Snow White is a four-part mini-series released as part of the Muppet Classics line of comics from BOOM! Studios. The comic is a retelling of the tale of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs with the Muppets and borrows heavily from both the Brothers Grimm and Disney versions of the story. The comic is written by Jesse Blaze Snider with Patrick Storck, with artwork by Shelli Paroline and featuring covers by David Petersen and James Silvani.

The first issue of Muppet Snow White was initially scheduled for an April, 2010 release, but didn't turn up until about a month later.[1]


Spamela Hamderson as Snow White
Miss Piggy as the Queen
Kermit the Frog as the Prince
Fozzie Bear as the Magic Mirror
Dr. Teeth as Doc
Floyd Pepper as Grumpy
Janice as Happy
Animal as Sneezy
Zoot as Sleepy
Lips as Bashful
Scooter as Dopey
Rowlf the Dog as the replacement Dopey
Sweetums as the Huntsman
Pepe the King Prawn as Spamela's agent
Bobo the Bear as himself
Waldorf and Statler as Uncle Grumpier and Grumpiest
Link Hogthrob as the King
Big Mean Carl as Sir Carl the Big Mean Dwarf Eater
Gonzo as Jacob Grimm
Rizzo the Rat as Wilhem Grimm (sic)
And as themselves: Foo-Foo, Beauregard, Sam the Eagle, Uncle Deadly, Crazy Harry, Dead Tom, Headless Bill, Marvin Suggs, Angus McGonagle, Bobby Benson, Johnny Fiama, Wayne and Wanda, Mahna Mahna, The Snowths, Sal Minella, Bad Polly, Clueless Morgan, Mad Monty, Annie Sue, Dr. Bunsen Honeydew, Beaker, and the Dragon from Sleeping Beauty
Also glimpsed: Ace Yu, Bugsy Them, Lew Zealand, Clifford, Mean Mama, Beard, Slim Wilson, Yoda Muppet, Ernst Stavros Grouper (mention only), Thog, Doglion, Timmy Monster, The Mutations, Behemoth, Beautiful Day Monster, Blue Frackle, Green Frackle, Big V, Gorgon Heap, Luncheon Counter Monster, Howard Tubman, Carter, Baskerville, Angel Marie, and Banananose Moldenado

Issue #1

Release date: May 19, 2010

Issue #2

Release date: June 16, 2010

Issue #3

Release date: July 21, 2010

Issue #4

Release date: August 25, 2010


  1. Muppet Snow White creative team announced, ToughPigs

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