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Muppet Time interstitials ran on Nickelodeon when the network began airing reruns of The Muppet Show in 1994. The segments were roughly two minutes in length, and added ostensibly "educational" content to the program for the kids' network. They were written by Jim Lewis and Craig Shemin.[1] Forty segments were produced.[2]

Each segment was introduced by Robin announcing, "It's Muppet Time!" as a Muppet alarm clock would dance wildly while ticking, and then it would break down as its alarm goes off.

Some recurring situations on Muppet Time include the Frog Scouts, Milton, and Kirby and Jeffy, the Two Little Pigs. Robin was the only major Muppet character to appear in these segments, in both the introduction and in the Frog Scouts segments.

Muppet performers for the segments include Jerry Nelson, Kevin Clash, David Rudman, Joey Mazzarino, Peter Linz and Alice Dinnean.

The segments later aired on Family Channel in Canada, which aired repeats of Muppets Tonight at the time, and Disney Channel in Australia.


Picture Summary Description

Alien Opera

Muppet time ice cream.jpg
Ice Cream A host (Jerry Nelson) describes an opera, starring members of The Extremes. The opera involves an alien grandmother buying an ice cream cone for her grandson, which falls onto the ground after another alien bumps into him. The grandson is upset, until he learns that his father owns the ice cream shop.
Muppet time surprise party.jpg
Surprise Party The Extremes perform The Surprise Party.

Do Re Mi Monster

Baseball Do Re Mi Monster plays baseball with Milton, one of his friends, who gets annoyed when Do Re Mi Monster keeps singing. Eventually, by the time Do Re Mi Monster has sung about everything, the baseball starts singing "Play Ball", so Milton and Do Re Mi Monster end up joining in.
Muppet Time Bird Watch.png
Bird Watching Milton goes onto watching a bird that eventually gets scared off by Do Re Mi Monster with his singing. (YouTube)
Muppet time anything song.jpg
Sing Along Do-Re-Mi Monster shows Milton that you can make a song about anything.

Icky No-No

Muppet time spaghetti.jpg
Spaghetti Icky No-No sings to Milton about all the funny things spaghetti can be used for, but all Milton wants is to eat his spaghetti.
Muppet time school outift.jpg
School Outfit Icky No-No helps Milton pick out an outfit for the first day of school.

Frog Scouts

String The frog scouts get out the supplies that they brought. One of them brought some string, which at first doesn't seem to be as useful as what the other scouts brought.
Billy Bunny Billy Bunny joins the Frog Scouts
Tambourine A frog with a tambourine wants to join the frog scouts. At first, the frog scouts don't think she should join, since he doesn't have any of the essential supplies they have. However, they give her a chance and the tambourine comes in handy when they want to hop to the beat on their hike.
Selling Cookies It is the annual Frog Scout Cookie Sell, where each frog scouts have to sell three boxes of cookies. However, they all work against each other and none of them sell any cookies. They learn to work together by singing about them selling cookies and they eventually sell all their boxes to a bear.
Muppet time bandage.jpg
Bandaged Bear Maurice, a bear, has hurt his finger, so the Frog Scouts bandage him up.
Muppet time hide seek.jpg
Hide and Seek The Frog Scouts meet a bear named Ed who is looking for his brother Orville. It turns out the bears were playing hide and seek.

Scary Mary

Brother Scary Mary thinks that she can scare anybody, and attempts to scare her brother Milton, however, Milton isn't fooled by any of the disguises, until Scary Mary's cat pretends to be a ghost and scares both of them away.
Cat Scary Mary brags about being the best scarer in the world, and she demonstrates on her cat Frecklehead.

Kirby and Jeffy

We did it ourselves.jpg
Getting Dressed The pigs sing "We Did It Ourselves" about how they picked out their clothes and got dressed for school on their own. (YouTube)
Muppet time clean room.jpg
Cleaning Up the Room The pigs clean up the room to impress their mother and sing "We Did It Ourselves".
Muppet time ready for bed.jpg
Getting Ready for Bed The pig's mother tells Kirby and Jeffy to get ready for bed. They sing a song about how they can't go to bed until they've done a number of things.
Muppet time buried treasure.jpg
Buried Treasure The pigs play pirate and search for buried treasure which is actually their library book, "The Pirates of Pigzance".
Muppet time put on show.jpg
Play The Two Little Pigs put on a play for their mother, in which one of the pigs plays the Big Bad Wolf.

Undercover Rover

Penguins Undercover Rover disguises himself as a penguin to discover how they keep themselves warm.
Muppet time rover chickens.jpg
Chickens Undercover Rover's assignment is to find out how chickens live.

The Three Silly Bears

Muppet time three bears beauty salon.jpg
Beauty Salon A pigeon opens up a beauty salon employed by three bears.
Pizza Parlor The pigeon hires the bears to make pizzas.

Huffy Monster

Muppet time lullaby.jpg
Lullaby A little girl sings a lullaby to Huffy.
Muppet time special friend.jpg
Special Friend Huffy sings a song about his friend.
Muppet time crayons.jpg
Crayons A little girl teaches Huffy about crayons.
Dancing Samantha teaches Huffy how to dance.

Wally and Rosie

Muppettime wallyrosiesong.JPG
Fun Wally sings about all the fun he will have with his best friend, Rosie (a butterfly). By the time she shows up, he's much too tired to play.


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