Written by Tom Lynch
Illustrator Joel Schick
Published 1996
Publisher Publications International
ISBN 0785317449

Muppet Time is a Muppet Play-a-Sound book that has a different sound for each hour of the day. The story follows the Muppets through a surprising day.

Kermit the Frog wakes up at 7 o'clock, while Miss Piggy sleeps in. Rizzo the Rat makes pancakes at 8, while Beaker makes the coffee. Miss Piggy and Rowlf the Dog eat breakfast at 9 o'clock. During the morning, Fozzie Bear picks up his dry cleaning from some penguins, Gonzo visits Camilla, and Statler and Waldorf go surfing.

Gonzo and Camilla have lunch at noon, and Rizzo does the dishes. In the afternoon, Dr. Bunsen Honeydew tests his new glue, Statler and Waldorf go skydiving, and Miss Piggy takes Foo-Foo for a walk near the clothing boutiques. Fozzie and Rowlf the Dog practice their act, while Sam the Eagle takes the Frog Scouts for a hike in the woods. Sweetums gets his nails done by a team of rats at 4 o'clock, while the surprisingly active Statler and Waldorf are canoeing.

Kermit and Piggy have dinner together at 5 o'clock, and Fozzie and Rowlf perform at 6 o'clock to a rowdy audience.

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