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Communication on Muppet Wiki is paramount. We can't maintain a successful resource built from the collaboration of hundreds if we're not cultivating a culture of healthy communication. Muppet Wiki uses several methods to allow editors to keep in touch, discuss wiki policy, assist with editing, and other exchanges. Everyone is expected to observe these practices and remain open to discussion.

Your identity

  • The first thing other editors see about you is your user name. Only logged-in users can edit Muppet Wiki, and this identity is the entry way by which folks will reach out to you. Your user name also helps everyone (including you) keep track of your contributions, and will appear in logs associated with your edits. It's helpful if your username is unique rather than a string of numbers, or another in a long line of names like MuppetFan123 which don't help others from differentiating between you and someone else.

Add your first name so we know what to call each other.

  • You're also invited to post your name on your user page β€” either your full name, or just a first name and an initial. It's not required, but it helps everyone get to know you and trust you. Think of it this way: if we were working together with a team of folks to rebuild homes after a natural disaster, your teammate would turn to you and ask you to please pass the hammer using your first name, not MuPp3t-l0ver86ql.
  • Similarly, you can change your avatar which helps you personalize your experience. And you can tell the community about yourself by editing your user page.
  • As an established editor, you're welcome to customize your user page as you see fit (within reason). This may include a list of favorite characters, articles you've started, ongoing projects you're working on, notes to remind yourself of something, or other items related to the wiki. Your user page shouldn't be a collection of random images, or a place to post your fan fiction. There are other spaces on the internet for this type of content; we recommend or Pinterest for the former, and any number of fiction wikis for the latter. If you're new to the wiki, it's a good idea to establish yourself as an editor before spending a lot of time on your user page; we're building an encyclopedia here, first and foremost.


Every user talk page has some helpful notes at the top as a reminder to sign and indent your posts.

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  • Every contributor on the wiki has their own User Talk page. Yours can be found here at this link. When you first join a wiki, you should receive a message from one of the admins. Notifications appear in the form of a numbered circle on the bell icon at the lower left of every page on the wiki. Communication is essential when collaborating with others, so it's imperative that you read these when someone reaches out to you. Responses can be entered below the message left for you (please observe proper talk page etiquette as outlined in red at the top of your User Talk page). You can also leave new messages on any contributor's User Talk page, or start a new conversation in Forum:Index.
  • Ignoring messages from other contributors, especially admins, is grounds for being blocked from editing on Muppet Wiki. If someone questions one of your edits, or requires additional information about what you've added to the wiki, it's imperative that you acknowledge this with a response.
  • User Talk pages are not to be used to make requests for video content, trading, or soliciting outside of the wiki. Repeat offenders will be blocked. An example of one exception includes looking for merchandise. We can't help you find a vendor, but we may be able to point you to more information about it on the wiki. It's also okay to ask for media that leads to the betterment of content on the wiki, but pestering other contributors to trade, to upload to YouTube (and other video sharing sites), or send you material for your personal collections is not allowed.
  • User Talk pages are also part of the wiki's history. Messages from admins, if removed, will generally be restored, as they're used to explain why edits were changed and to show that communication was in fact made. The same goes for almost any conversation conducted on a User Talk page. Solicitation messages, personal harassment from other users, or discussion about matters on other wikis can however be removed (and in many cases will be removed by admins).

Community discussion

  • The Muppet Wiki Forum is meant to be used as a discussion space for the community to determine the factual outcome of articles on the wiki. This space doesn't lend itself well to social conversations about favorite memories, opinions or looking for merchandise. This sort of discussion is better suited for message boards (such as Muppet Central, Tough Pigs, the comments section of fan blogs such as The Muppet Newsflash or The MuppetCast), or social media accounts where you can chat with other fans. Before using Forum:Index, please read the RULES and ETIQUETTE.
  • The "talk" or discussion pages you may be familiar with on Wikipedia and other wikis are no longer used here. All Talk pages are headlined with additional information to help you avoid this space and direct you back to the forum. Old discussions remain for archival purposes; please do not edit or add to them.