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Muppet Wiki's goal is to be as accurate and complete as possible, using the information that's currently available to us. On the Sesame Street Episode Guide pages, we try to track the earliest appearance that we can find for each insert sketch.

There are over 4,400 episodes of Sesame Street, so assembling a complete episode guide is a long-term project. Therefore, we note the "Earliest Known Appearance" of each sketch, with the understanding that that information will change if we find an earlier appearance of the sketch.

It's possible that for any given song or sketch, the EKA that we list may not be the segment's actual first appearance -- and in fact, it could be off by some years. All that we can list is the earliest that we've found so far -- over time, as we find information on more episodes, the EKAs get more accurate.

If you're interested in making the EKAs more accurate on the wiki, then please help out by adding more episode information! If you have any old Sesame tapes, feel free to add pages for the episodes that you have.

First Appearance[]

We also use "First Appearance" in instances when we are absolutely certain that a sketch first appeared in a particular episode. "First Appearance" is used in cases where the Sesame Street Script Highlights or the scripts themselves reveal the first appearance of an insert. When in doubt, contributors should use "Earliest Known Appearance".


  • Contributors can list the Earliest Known Appearance on episode pages by adding the eka template -- {{eka|0001}} -- with the four numbers being the episode number that you'd like to link to. That shows up on the episode page as (EKA: Episode 0001), and automatically links to this page and to the episode with the Earliest Known Appearance.
  • The companion to that template is {{first|0001}}, which shows up as (First: Episode 0001).
  • {{ekastrasse|0001}} and {{firststrasse|0001}} can be used for Sesamstrasse episodes.

If you have questions about how to use the Earliest Known Appearance and First Appearance, leave a message on an administrator's talk page.