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This is a Muppet Wiki project page. This space may be used for storing images that are not otherwise used in the body of an article. Examples include Muppet Wiki project graphics, or images that won't fit in the space alloted to an article by its text, but may instead be linked to via the Medialink template (see the "Preload template" dropdown in the edit interface on the right), or via basic wiki links using a colon before the "Image" namespace, like this: [[:Image:Graphic-ads.png]]

The purpose of this holding space is to keep the Unused files list clear, to provide for easier housekeeping. From time to time, admins will go through that list and delete files that are not being used. If you have uploaded a file that you do not intend to use on the wiki, please mark it with the {{delete}} tag. Images are subject for deletion upon 24 hours of their initial upload.

If you add an image to the following gallery, please provide a legitimate inside link to the article to which it is linked.

Linked to from other pages

Note: Use the Medialink template on their respective pages for each of these! A space within a filename needs to be replaced with an underscore. An ampersand (&) within a filename needs to be replaced with %26.

Videos linked from other pages

Using Template:Videolink

Meant for future articles

Fozzie Help

Danny's Fozzie pics for old Help pages. Will redistribute after re-org of that space.

Seasonal pictures

Skin elements

Main page slider

ogg files

pdf files