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Muppet Wiki has been documenting the worlds of Jim Henson since 2005. In that time, a collaborative community of researchers and professionals have built 45,137 encyclopedic articles β€” that's a lot! In an effort to offer an entry point into the various franchises connected to The Muppets, Sesame Street, and more, Muppet Wiki has joined forces with a creative team at Fandom to produce an interactive timeline of Jim Henson's life and career.

Featuring an introduction based on a recreation of Henson's desk at the Center for Puppetry Arts, the timeline takes the form of a notebook inspired by Jim Henson's Red Book, shining a spotlight on various milestones on the Muppets' path to success, and beyond. The timeline provides an overview highlighted with well-known facts as well as some information you might not see in other introductory retrospectives.

But that only scratches the surface! Various points in this interactive experience link to articles on the wiki where you can learn more about the featured topic. From there, use highlighted keywords to maneuver around the wiki, explore categories from the navigation links in the header, and utilize the wiki's search function to go even deeper. We hope you enjoy!


From Fandom: Zach Wilson, Billy Patterson, Spencer Gilbert, Tiffany Tse, Emin Bassavand, Max Dionne, Mandy Olson
From Muppet Wiki: Scott Hanson, Tony Whitaker, Andrew Leal, Shane Keating, Jonathan Brangwynne, Henrik Rytter