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CuddlesTaffy asks Elmo, "How come you never have birthdays and you stay 3 for the rest of your life?"

When the Muppets first began, they started as fully-formed characters with no set age, though were clearly in their adult stages. Though characters, such as the Muppet residents of Sesame Street, are given set ages, they've remained the same age and look since their debut. As such, the subject of the characters' ages versus their physical appearance has been referenced many times for the sake of a joke.


  • On an appearance on The Tonight Show in 1996, Jay Leno asks Kermit how he retains his youthful look. Kermit claims frogs age at a different rate from humans and he makes two annual visits to an anti-aging clinic where "they rub [him] up against Dick Clark." He adds his exercise regimen helps, performing leap frog.
  • In a 2005 appearance on Rove Live, Rove McManus compliments Grover's appearance after 35 years of Sesame Street. Grover notes it's because of his workout routine and remarks, "You do not get a body like this naturally, you know." He is however able to do more than one push up afterward.
  • In a 2010 "Ask Elmo" video, YouTube user CuddlesTaffy asks Elmo, "How come you never have birthdays and you stay 3 for the rest of your life?" Elmo corrects the user, saying he does have a birthday (February 3), but claims his agelessness is due to being "a monster thing." He adds, "You should be so lucky."
  • In the opening sequence of The Muppets, Walter and Gary's childhood is shown. While Gary ages throughout the sequence, Walter physically remains exactly the same, hinting at his Muppet roots. Later in the "We Built This City" montage, Fozzie Bear comes across an old photo of himself in The Muppet Theatre. He laughs at his "80s haircut," unaware that he looks almost exactly the same.
  • In a Q&A on a New York Times Snapchat story, Grover responds to a question about his age by saying he's "older than a breadbox, but young enough to live at home with my mommy."

A perk of being a frog is that your look doesn't really change. This is why I've never had to change my driver's license photo.[1]

  • At a 2016 appearance at Vulture Festival, Fozzie claims he goes to a fur colorist to keep his youthful looks. Kermit attributes his to running from Miss Piggy for many years.


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